Custom-tailored training

In-house training brings success

In accordance with our motto “durable connections” we offer our customers custom-tailored training sessions at the location of their choice. Our instructors are well-trained technical staff with many years of practical experience.

In the down-to-earth training sessions we will provide instruction in the following areas as desired:

  • an overview of current sealant and adhesive systems
  • information on new and future standards
  • practical information for proper application
  • identifying and avoiding sources of errors
  • a glimpse at day-to-day sealant production

After completing the training which is provided free of charge for our customers all participants receive a certificate of attendance. During training sessions we address the specific requirements of our partners and will be glad to adjust the topics to their individual needs in advance.
In case of larger groups training events can also be held at training facilities selected by our customers. It goes without saying that we provide services at building sites.

Simply make an appointment be sending an email to