There is a mark for quality

The association “IVD Industrieverband Dichtstoffe e.V.”, which represents the interests of all renowned sealant manufacturers, champions primarily the maintenance of a high level of quality. In times of globally changing market structures, to us this seems to be more important than ever.
It is therefore with good reason that insiders associate the acronym IVD immediately with “Quality and Trust”. Intelligent, safe sealing products and systems for building projects constitute the foundation. 25 years ago when IVD was first established, the leading manufacturers of sealants and of raw materials agreed to uphold a high level of quality, and this initiative has brought about lasting changes in both industry and market. The IVD Quality Campaign led to the creation of a standard that has served as a benchmark for users, architects, specialised dealers, on the one hand, and court-appointed experts, lawyers specialising in building law, and judges, on the other. IVD Information Pamphlets – now, the “state of the art” can be downloaded free of charge! Unlike government agencies that keep increasing the tuition fees for students, IVD uses the contrary approach. In the interest of the industry, of planners, processing companies, investors,
and users, it has “socialised” its pool of knowledge and expertise. While the technical information pamphlets can still be ordered as printed paper documents, all interested and relevant parties can now also download them free of charge from the IVD platform www.abdichten.de