Focus on colour

It is true that joints are the most relevant component of a perfectly sealed bathroom. However they should be virtually invisible. The focus should be on the beauty of your exclusive tiles and materials. We will make sure that our sealant is manufactured in the colour you need.

Apart from our comprehensive standard range of colours we are able to mix the right colour accurately to fit any use, even in the smallest quantity, to match the colour of your selected material. Just get in touch with us.

Initial information

You can find a chart with the colour shades available on this website, in the shop and in our catalogue. This provides initial information whether the colour you want is included in our standard colour range.
Important note: The colour charts on your screen or in the catalogue are not binding examples of the precise colour shade. They only provide initial optical guidance.

Ordering samples

You have found a colour which may suit your purpose? Request a genuine colour chart with a dot of original sealant.
Use the enquiry form to select a sample or colour chart with original dot.

Let us mix your specific colour

Can’t find your desired colour in the standard range? Then get in touch with us. Together with you we will manufacture a sealant in the colour you want, even in very small quantities.