The advantages of the 2-component system

The advantages of using two-component systems for sealing and bonding are that curing is controlled, uniform and mostly fast, on the one hand, and that they allow using joint dimensions greater than 15mm, on the other. Two-component sealants and adhesives are always delivered in two parts. The respective quantities of the two components are attuned to one
another. Component A is usually called the „base compound“, component B the „curing agent“. Only the uniform (homogeneous) mixing of the two components ensures perfect curing! Poorly mixed compounds will not react suffi ciently, or not at all. Verifying whether or not the two components have been mixed properly is easy. Since both of them have different colours,
mixing must be continued until there are no more visible colour variations. Be sure to observe the pot life: It describes the time span from the time of mixing during which the system will remain suitable for application. Once this time has elapsed, the product can no longer be used (its viscosity will be too high) and the adherent surface will not be sufficiently wetted.