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Quality & trust since 1875

When Ferdinand Ramsauer purchased a small chalk quarry near Bad Goisern back in 1875, he already had all the skills and qualities it takes for people to be successful, then as now. He was innovative, determined, and fully focused on achieving his goals. Within less than 20 years, he increased his quarry’s chalk output by about 100 times and made »Ischler Bergkreide« (“Mountain chalk from Bad Ischl”) a well-known brand name. From today’s perspective, Ferdinand Ramsauer and his son Josef – who was the one to lend our company his name – can, quite legitimately, be considered as genuine marketing pioneers.

Right from the beginning, mountain chalk was used primarily for the production of putty for glazing. Initially, the raw material was sold to manufacturers of this important sealant. Then, in 1950, Ramsauer started its own putty manufacturing operation. The evolution from a mere mining operation to a sealant manufacturer was complete. With the introduction of thermally insulating windows, new plastic and elastic sealants were needed.

Ramsauer developed the first of such modified putties as early as in the fifties. Later, Ramsauer began developing the first water-soluble products, known as acrylates.

In 1972, Ramsauer started manufacturing silicone-based sealants. In 1976, the production of PU foam was kicked off. A patent for 2-component systems was registered on behalf of Ramsauer in 1998. Currently, Ramsauer manufactures a vast diversity of top-quality sealants, industrial adhesives, PU foams, and special products and markets them in many countries of the globe. During the 140 years of its existence, the company has seen many changes. However, its foundation has remained the same: its broad vision and passion to innovate.