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The Salzkammergut, Austria’s lake district, is a truly special gem!

A blessing for each of the five sences, with a long traditional history. And right here, in one of the most beautiful areas in Austria, we have our main location. Surrounded by a diverse and amiable landscape, which has shaped soul and spirit for generations. Many people often come from far away to spend their holidays in the Salzkammergut. We work here. With joy, sense of responsibility and the spirit of innovation, which has already inspired the company founders Ferdinand and Josef Ramsauer.

Visit us here in the Salz­kammergut –
whether professional or private – you `ll be fascinated!

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Biking at the Salzkammergut

Why the Salzkammergut is pure passion for Ramsauer:

For more than one hundred years, since 1875 to be precise, we and the Ramsauer brand have been closely connected with nature and the Salzkammergut region. The Salzkammergut satisfies all the biking enthusiasts‘ demands and desires, no matter which bike they ride. Between lakes and mountains, from the plain valley landscape to the glacier region, from well-groomed forest roads to adventurous paths, the region has everything the sportive biker‘s heart could wish for.

Discover with our Special Bicycle-Guide this wonderful Salzkammergut, a true bikers‘ paradise, and enjoy the breathtaking richness of nature – in a region so enchanting that these 16 pages will never do justice to its charms. All we can do is try …