Durably connected

Our know-how

What’s the reason for the success of our products? It is simply because they are based on a highly efficient formula. One relevant basic component is a durable relationship with our suppliers. The other two thirds are confidence and a spirit of partnership. All this is multiplied by the know-how and experience acquired in the course of many years of research and development. When divided by the growth rate of customer requirements the result is the continuously high quality guaranteed by the name of Ramsauer.

Research, development, and manufacturing

Since its early days Ramsauer has relied on in-house research as well as co-operation with renowned research institutions and innovative customers working on the products of tomorrow. Thus, we are in a position to monitor the market closely and to have the right products available at any time to meet current and future requirements.

Certified quality

Ramsauer products are quality products. This statement is supported on a regular basis by by the results of tests conducted by recognised and accredited public institutions including :

  • ift Rosenheim – testing for compliance with DIN standards, RC resistance classes, etc.
  • DGNB – testing for compliance with ecological requirements and LEED certification
  • GEV – conducting emission tests and granting EC1 certificates

A variety of colours, colours according to customer specification

Joints are a relevant part of the visible surface of windows, doors, facades, and when laying natural stone slabs or tiles, apart from the technical function of joints which must be prepared in an expert manner.

The variety of colours of these visible surfaces is reflected by the range of colours of our products. We will mix any colour according to your wishes and requirements while also taking into account the effects of weather and other influences.