Lasting bonds

... to our environment

We are convinced that going easy on the natural resources water, air and soil, as well as the gentle treatment of flora and fauna is a prerequisite for future generations to
live a life in sustainable prosperity. Therefore, we participate in the scheme of PDR which recovers used PU foam cans and recycles valuable raw materials to the industry.

Since our production sites have always been located in the Salzkammergut region, we also benefit from short delivery routes, which, in turn, inures to the benefit of ourecological footprint. The entire production of Ramsauer is geared to sustainability. Right from the beginning, the enterprise has relied on nature: putty has always been a sustainable product.
Our corporate philosophy focuses on the research and development of eco-friendly products and on producing them in resource-saving and sustainable ways in compliance with all statutory provisions.

The advantages of our sustainable production:

  • Short delivery routes due to regional base
  • Can recycling in cooperation with PDR
  • Production geared to sustainability
  • Natural origins with putty

In addition to many technical and quality-related tests, our products are also listed and certified with regard to emissions (‘Sentinel Haus Institut’, GEV), food safety (Chemical Laboratory Dr. Stegemann), or air pollution control (Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene) and other specific subjects, depending on their nature. Don’t hesitate to ask us!

Ramsauer fulfils criteria for DGNB and LEED

The sustainability certificate awarded by the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen” (German Society for Sustainable Building) rates the sustainability of buildings on the basis of up to 50 individual criteria. Our listed products meet selected requirements in the area of “ecological quality” and “sociocultural and functional quality”.

LEED® Certification is awarded for energy- and cost-conscious building. It rates a building according to the location of the property, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials used and resources, as well as indoor air quality. We are in a position to offer a large number of certified products for achieving LEED® Credits for indoor air quality. These certifications have been obtained for our products recently, bearing witness to our high quality standards.

You can also find the listed Ramsauer products at

Recycling of used PU foam cans

For technical reasons, it is impossible to fully empty a PU foam can. Residual amounts of liquid prepolymer and propellant remain in the can – valuable materials that can be reintroduced into the production process. In view of these contents that are considered as harmful to human health, used PU foam cans are classified as hazardous waste. As a consequence, they must not be disposed of with residual waste, via the “Yellow Bag” recycling collection system, in skip containers for building rubble, nor in tinplate containers. PDR Recycling GmbH + Co KG provides an environmentally friendly alternative to the expensive disposal of hazardous wastes. PDR is a joint-venture of the leading European manufacturers of PU foam cans and headquartered in Thurnau, in northern Bavaria. Relying on a comfortable collection and retrieval system, PDR collects used PU foam cans in the German market, transports them back to Thurnau, and recycles them. You will find more information in our article to PDR.