Durable connected

... in customer relationships

Direct distribution and manufacturing for your advantage as a customer

Direct service is our strength. Since we are manufacturers relying on direct distribution our customers will not have to face any hurdles created by resellers and will not be limited by a rigidly defined product range. We manufacture our sealants on our premises, and therefore are in a position to cater for your special requirements.

Our range of services include:

  • Testing of materials for compatibility, in particular with your favourite materials
  • Production of sealants based on formulations prepared specifically to meet your requirements
  • Production of sealants in the desired colour even in very small quantities
  • In-house training of your staff

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Research and innovation - for your applications of tomorrow

Our roots are in mother nature. Everything started with linseed oil putty. which is still on sale in our days. However, conditions, technical requirements and directives are changing in the course of time. Therefore, since its early days Ramsauer has relied on in-house research as well as cooperation with renowned research institutions and innovative customers working on the products of tomorrow.

Thus, we are in a position to monitor the market closely and to have the right products available at any time to meet current and future requirements.

In-house training brings success

In accordance with our motto “durable connections” we offer our customers custom-tailored training sessions at the location of their choice. Our instructors are well-trained technical staff with many years of practical experience.

In the down-to-earth training sessions we will provide instruction in the following areas as desired:

  • an overview of current sealant and adhesive systems
  • information on new and future standards
  • practical information for proper application
  • identifying and avoiding sources of errors
  • a glimpse at day-to-day sealant production

After completing the training which is provided free of charge for our customers all participants receive a certificate of attendance. During training sessions we address the specific requirements of our partners and will be glad to adjust the topics to their individual needs in advance.
In case of larger groups training events can also be held at training facilities selected by our customers. It goes without saying that we provide services at building sites.

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