Durable connected

... with the arts

David Pinzer

Even what appears to lack proper order does have its own order. In more than 140 years of company history RAMSAUER has learned to view things as they are, both in the best interest of customers and in its own legitimate interest. The goals of the company, product development and the products themselves have always been based on realism. We appreciate and look out for these characteristics even outside day-to-day business. We share the high standards and love of detail of photo artist David Pinzer. That is why his work has been published in the RAMSAUER image campaign. To be discovered on the Ramsauer connections website www.ramsauer-verbindungen.de.

“My intention in the Abandoned Places (“Verwunschene Orte”) series is to show special places with an atmosphere of their own, a kind of counter-world in stark contrast to the facades of our downtown areas. Since in everyday life we hardly ever get a chance to see places which have been abandoned by people they appear to be unreal, like a shut-down human world.”

Special exhibition “Lebenstraum” (A lifetime dream) by Prof. Heinz Werner and Kay “LEO” Leonhardt

In architecture, industry and vehicle construction Ramsauer products are used to connect a wide variety of materials. Only experts have knowledge of the underlying chemistry, technology, and techniques. When two artists establish a connection to work together, which rarely happens, this will result in enjoyment for beholders.

Prof. Heinz Werner, the creator of the modern art style “Meissner Moderne” and Kay Leonhardt with his “odd birds and cheeky fishes” have been inspired by a variety of sources. Looking at a single sheet of their work you can hardly distinguish who created what. This phase of their co-operation is regarded as a lifetime dream by both artists.
Ramsauer sponsored the vernissage “Lebenstraum” of the master and his scholar to the enjoyment of all. For more information on the exhibition and artists (in German) go to leo-meissen.de and www.ramsauer-verbindungen.de.